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Kings Series Preview: Who Scares You The Most?

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This is what I'm afraid of.  Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE
This is what I'm afraid of. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

So the Kings are gearing up for their first round playoff series, which is... fun, I guess. It's nice to get in a practice round before the second season really starts. But after the Kings inevitably beat whatever team they're playing in the first round, the key question becomes: who should the Kings be afraid of once they make the 2nd round? Here is my list, from who I fear the most to the least:

St. Louis Blues

The Blues terrify me because they have 2 truly elite goaltenders. Other teams have good goaltenders (Rinne in Nashville, Jimmy Howard in Detroit) but there's something about having 2 elite goaltenders that just scares the shit out of me. If one falters, the other can easily step in and pick up the slack. It's almost like you don't even know who the #1 goalie is! They're definitely a team I wouldn't look past.

Detroit Red Wings

Obviously you have to respect the Red Wings. They're by far the most accomplished team in the playoffs and you have to respect their success in recent years. There's something about a team that has gone through the wars over the years that gives them an edge, a drive, that I'm afraid is missing in the Kings.

Plus they have the world's 2 best Swedes on their team so you have to watch out for them.

San Jose Sharks

This one might just be kind of personal for me but I have to admit: I'm afraid of the Sharks. When you lose to a team in the playoffs they're always going to have a slight edge over you and I'm worried about it. Especially when you consider that the Sharks really kicked the Kings' asses last year. Like, there's losing a series and then there's losing a series. The Sharks definitely were the toughest opponent the Kings have faced in the playoffs in the last 5 years.

Chicago Blackhawks

Well they're the most recent Cup winners from the Western Conference so you have to respect them, right? I mean it's not like they got their shit pushed in on their home ice in the biggest game of their lives or anything. Plus, they have Duncan Keith. Duncan Keith. Is there a classier guy in the league than him? He'll do whatever it takes to win but he never crosses the line. Gotta respect a guy like him.

Nashville Predators

You always have to keep your eye on the Predators. They're definitely the deepest team in the league, with wave after wave of forwards that are competent offensively and defensively. They also have Barry Trotz, one of the best tacticians in the league. On top of that, they have Pekka Rinne. But the biggest reason you have to be afraid of the Nashville Predators is the fact that they have 2 truly elite defensemen in Shea Weber and Ryan Suter. I mean, the Kings have 1 elite defenseman, but 2 would be awesome. Oh well, at least they have the 1. Can you imagine if they didn't have a single elite defenseman? Boy would that suck!

Phoenix Coyotes

I'm not too afraid of them, actually. I think we could take them. I'd say they're probably the 2nd weakest team in the Western Conference playoffs.

So please, vote in the poll and let me know: who do you want the Kings to face in the 2nd round? All I know is that it sure will be exciting! I can't wait.