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Rejected Gatorade Flavors

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Braden Holtby enjoys some "Hot Tub Water" Gatorade.
Braden Holtby enjoys some "Hot Tub Water" Gatorade.

Last week, Rudy purchased a Gatorade without checking the flavor. To his horror, he discovered that he had purchased a Gatorade with a "Lime-Cucumber" flavor. It was horrible.

Then Rudy took another sip. Rudy is dumb.

Anyway, that got me thinking about what other Gatorade flavors didn't quite make the cut. I contacted my friends down at Gatorade and got this non-comprehensive list. Behold!

Pumpkin Spice


Strawberry - Piss

Cinnamon - Tree Bark

Lemon - Lyme Disease

Chow Mein


Mistletoe (Holiday Season Special)

Clean Linen


Mexican Candy

Bubble Gum-Fluoride

Balls (pouch form only)

Pine Fresh

Guava-Aluminum Foil

Crab-Imitation Crab

Rectum Rush