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Circle of Life

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One of the guys on my hockey team has a son who's about 6 or 7. His son loves hockey and he's mentioned before about how excited his kid gets whenever they win. Apparently this run has been pretty special for him.

Anyway, on Wednesday I went to my game and that guy was in the locker room. We gave each other a high five and talked a little bit about the win and how stoked we both were. He said his son was really happy and was running around the room like an airplane after the Kings won. I guess he watched all the interviews and recaps on NHL Network until about 11, when his dad finally made him go to sleep. He was especially happy that Jonathan Quick won the Conn Smythe.

"Oh," I said, "Is Quick his favorite player?"

"Yeah," he replied, "He told me as I was putting him to sleep that Quick is his hero."