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LAKingsInsider's Commenters Respond To The Drew Doughty Rape Investigation

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This is obviously not true.

oh ok

I agree, it’s crap! She will never go to trial and just trashing the guy for a payoff. I word of wisdom for you Drew, there are people out for your money so be careful of the company you keep. This will be gone and over in a short time and I just hope she could be charged with extortion or entrapment.

It could be true. I am a Beach Cities dude, and there are tons of hot babes on the take…see it all the time. I think I may know who Drew was with, as well. You’ll see what I mean once this is resolved either way, by her photos.

This guy seems cool

I thought that was a joke until I read the article. I used to live in Hermosa and LOVE Sharkeez 2 for 1 happy hours! The cabs are a good 60 feet from the bar and a highly populated area. No way he "wrangled" her against her will. I bet she has 3 different guys sperm on her panties too.

Can a car please just run over Gloria Allred? I’ve never seen a bigger ambulance chaser in my life.

People really hate Gloria Allred for some reason

How HORRIBLE!!!! I know that Drew must be sweating bullits, and I’ll bet dollars to donuts that this is a "get som money quick" scam and Drew is targeted because he has money. Sounds wishy washy to me. Drew can take his pick of nice ladies and does not need a cab for a motel. I hope both parties learn somthing from this. Lets pray any charge will be dropped. Its a common gold digger up to no good. Say it isn.t so., Rich! Not another Kobe Bryant crap.

Why does Gloria Alred represent every skank with a story? Wouldn’t the girl tell the cab driver to not drive her back to her place if she was forced in? And why does this conveniently come out in the news now? Why will she not cooperate? Ridiculous…. Good luck Doughty.

good point. He needs to avoid the bar scene like the plague. He put himself in a very vulnerable position. And for what, a lay. That lay is going to cost him.

Men always come out in the bad end of the stick when it comes to legal matters with women.

I don't think this guy understands how sticks work

Gloria Allred is a business person. If she can make the most amount of money in this area this is where she’ll be. Using the word ‘skank’ in inappropriate.

I also have an opinion about the accusation, but it’s just my opinion and I wasn’t there.

Right after that...

use ho instead


This is a serious allegation. Why did it take three months to accuse rape? If this was me, a friend or even my daughter I would of advised to report this immediately. Why now? Don’t make any sense.

usually in cases of delayed charges being pressed, the girl is trying to extort money from the accused. When the accused don’t pay, they carry out the police allegations. This is a "hood rat" and most of ‘em are gold diggers.

Yeah, that's what it usually is

We all should be careful, here…

–Presumption of innocence;
Do not presume skank-hood, until proven otherwise;
–Gloria Allred is involved, thus assume more to the story.

DD has been with us for a while now. Wondering what your "gut" feeling is about him…do you really think he could be a rapist?

I've seen that boy skate and I know he doesn't skate like a rapist

My gut feeling is it became rape when he told her to lock the front door on her way out

Doughty has the look of trouble. I had that look but it was never anything as criminal as this. You can tell DD likes to party and this is probably only the beginning. Let’s hope we don’t have a Fluery on our hands.

It's true, Doughty is swarthy.

The way she has handled it is a joke. Anybody who hires Gloria is only looking for money. If I was raped my first priority would be to put the AH away for as long as possible..!!! BUT not her, number one is get a cash cow lawyer.

AH = Ass Hole?

Give me a friggin break!…Really? You can’t just win a Stanley Cup anymore without the weirdo’s crawling out of the wood work. Uh Drew? Next time? Wait till your back in Canada for the pick up thing. This is Hollyweird…anything can happen…and usually does. Oh and by the way…IMHO…this happened in March? The fact that it’s taken this long leads me to the conclusion that there isn’t much of a case….

I think that women that falsely accuse should be thrown under the bus and ran over many times. Just the accusation can ruin a person with no repercussions for the accuser. I do understand that this will probably never happen because it is always difficult to tell who is actually telling the truth. But, no matter the outcome, it always ends up badly for the accused. Either the tarnish of the accusation or jail time.

Someone is lying (based off all you post im guessing you’re a woman so automatically you are sticking up for her.) Im not saying he did it nor didnt do it but in todays day and age you are innocent until proven guilty.

(based off all you posts about animal rights i'm guessing you're a dog)

it’s something that has to be considered…
character is a huge part of this teams make up…
if it becomes evident that drew has some off the ice issues that might disturb the balance of our winning composition, then the kings have to be prudent and at least keep their minds open…

"If Drew Doughty is a rapist then I think we should look into trading him!"

he’s young, rich and handsome – the three top qualities that all grifters, scam artists and unscrupulous women seek…if he wasn’t taking his fame seriously before, he will now….


My biggest concern is this: who were the "teammates" that were with him in this establishment???

The first rain on our well deserved parade.

So when does this skank get her own reality show?

Wouldn’t there be signs of this sort of behavior prior to this incident? Wouldn’t there be character issues with Drew that could be identified as markers?

Guess Dean needs to update his scouting reports!

The story about Drew Doughty comes from a woman who is trying to get a piece of the spotlight. Typical LA woman who seeks the limelight of Hollywood. What a story filled with many holes!. This woman is obviosly lying because she is not cooperating with police. Also, why didn’t she come forward about this on March 2nd. It sounds to me that this woman waited until the Kings won the Stanley Cup to bring this farfetched story. This woman obviously wanted more with Drew than a one night stand. However, Drew rejected her because she was just after his money. What a gold digger this woman is!

The other day I was discussing the differences between hockey players and other players in different sports. How NHL players don’t ever get mentioned in situation like these, and why that is one of many reasons I prefer the NHL to other sports. And then this comes out. DOH!


Its better this story didn’t make the news in March..we don’t win the Cup with a distraction like this.

If it turns out that she is lying she needs to face whatever penalty that he would if he was found guilty. It is far too easy to accuse a man of something that can ruin his life with or without proof.

I'm sure your friends at Reddit agree with you

Rape victims don’t hire "representation". They aren’t cavalier and vindictive when they are interviewed by police. They don’t refuse to cooperate (in any way) in the investigation and they don’t want money or to have their attackers not win trophies. This is a girl who played hard to get and thought it was cute enough to get a call from Doughty after giving up the taco on the first night.

"Let me tell you how rape victims act..."

A man of character doesn’t find himself in these types of situstions. A man of character doesn’t put himself before the team in contract negotiations. A man of character doesn’t bed women the way that many athletes do.

Hahahaha this guy fucking sucks

Voltaire (not Stan Lee) said that "with great power comes great responsibility". I just hope this kid figures this out.

Drew Doughty is Spiderman

the saddest thing is seeing Insiders’ turning on their own. Ultimately, this is none of OUR problems!

Not even close



(Quisp had a good post about all this, you should read it.)