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Battle of California Slogan Suggestions?

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I'm working on a project for the blog. Help a brother out?

Here's what I need from you folks in the comments: suggestions for possible slogans, famous phrases, in-jokes, lines from articles or comments, or other miscellaneous short bits of text that you think capture the essence of Battle of California or provide a pretty good understanding of what we are all about.

Some examples of what I'm looking for:

-California > You

-Did somebody mention burritos?

-Wow. And look at the comments. People from CA think their state is amazing and everywhere else just sucks no matter what.

-We miss you Lubo.

-Fire Carlyle

-We're the bad boys of blogging. We're like that Ace of Cakes guy.

-Whither Cheechew?

-Blame James Mirtle.

Got it?

And obviously everyone is just going to put "fuck" a bunch of times or something about how Rudy has sex with dogs but, as hilarious as those suggestions will be, they're actually not that helpful. I want to avoid overt profanity or bathroom humor for this project.

But that's all you people are going to suggest anyway so go nuts I guess. I don't know why I even bothered to ask.