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Stanley Cup Final, Game 3: I'm Spent

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Imagine how this guy feels. Mandatory Credit: Jim O'Connor-US PRESSWIRE
Imagine how this guy feels. Mandatory Credit: Jim O'Connor-US PRESSWIRE

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New Jersey Devils
@ Los Angeles Kings

Monday, Jun 4, 2012, 5:00 PM PDT
Staples Center

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It has been 8 months since the Kings opened their season in Europe, 6 months since they fired their coach, 3 months since they traded for Jeff Carter, 2 months since Ryane Clowe played the puck from the bench, 1 month since Doughty snuck one by Brian Elliott to put the Kings up 3 games to none on the Blues, 2 weeks since they beat the Coyotes, 5 days from when this series started, 2 days since the Kings went up 2-0.

I'm fucking tired.

I'm actually healthier right now than I was when the playoffs started. I'm riding my bike every day to work, I'm working out more, I'm running 7 miles a week, I'm drinking less, I'm more engaged at work, I haven't had coffee in 2 weeks, I'm... well I'm probably sleeping less, but that's it. I'm much more active because any downtime leads inexorably to thoughts about the Kings.

And it's just too exhausting.

It's funny, we always use sports to distract us from real life; right now I'm using real life to distract me from sports. If the Kings had been in the Stanley Cup Playoffs the last 10 years I might have cured cancer by now. Or at least felt a woman's touch.

Or I'd be dead.

Prediction: Kings win. Does anyone know how to knit? I hear that's very relaxing.