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Lenny Palumbo is a Piece of Garbage

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 Jason Pominville, captain of the Buffalo Sabres, You Can Play supporter.
Jason Pominville, captain of the Buffalo Sabres, You Can Play supporter.

(Thanks to @coring for tweeting about this story).

I'm so angry.

I'm angry about this article, but don't bother reading it.

It's mostly standard stuff about how fighting is cool (which it is) and how hockey teams need to have good fighters in order to win (which is probably not true).

I like fighting in hockey, and don't want it to go away, so that's not the issue here.

The issue comes at the end of the article:

[...]the league is determined to reduce fighting as much as possible. Meanwhile, the NHL’s abominable, "You Can Play" promotion, which all but endorses homosexuality in hockey, is among its top priorities.
Thanks to Gary Bettman and his ilk, enforcers are out, but gays are in. So why don’t they just hire Elton John as commissioner and be done with it?

Fortunately for Sabres fans, the team has not come out of the closet and the signing of tough guy, John Scott is an indication there might be some shred of manliness left in an otherwise emasculated organization that has much to prove in 2012-13.

Fuck you, Lenny Palumbo. You're a worthless piece of shit.

I could try to engage this moron's argument logically, and point out how it doesn't make any sense, and how plenty of guys WAY tougher than Lenny are either 1) Gay or 2) Support "You Can Play." I could point out how stupid, homophobic, and backwards it is to equate homosexuality with weakness or a lack of manliness.

I could do that stuff, but Lenny Palumbo doesn't deserve to be argued with as if his opinion actually matters. So I'll just say this:

Lenny, you're on the wrong side of history.

If you're an old man, then you might be lucky enough to die before you see every single wrong-headed belief you have cast aside by the rest of society as the ignorant bullshit it is. If you're young, you'll probably just live your life in increasing isolation, as your hatred and bigotry causes more and more people in your life to (rightly) turn their backs on you.

You don't need to be afraid of gay people, Lenny. Gay people don't want to hurt you.

I kind of do - but I'm not gay.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: "You Can Play" needs to start ACTUALLY fighting homophobia. Like with fists and stuff.

Fuck you, Lenny.