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Top 10 Hurricanes of All-Time

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He's great, but is he the greatest ever? (no)
He's great, but is he the greatest ever? (no)

#10 Eric Staal

#9 Frantisek Kaberle

#8 Erik Cole

#7 Jeff Skinner

#6 Glen Wesley

#5 Brett Hedican

#4 Cam Ward

#3 Rod Brind'amour

#2 Arturs Irbe

#1 Debby, the hurricane that prevented Larry Robinson from meeting with Montreal's GM and possibly being hired as that team's new head coach.

From Dave Stubbs:

"Nature didn’t help me get up to Montreal and have a formal discussion with them," Robinson said of the hurricane and his delay to meet, upon the Canadiens request, with Therrien. "We can speculate all we want about whether that made a difference. This was a decision they made and I have to live with it."

Greatest. Hurricane. Ever.

Okay technically Debby was just a tropical storm but still.

Thanks to this Puck Daddy post for mentioning this hurricane thing.