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What will you do without hockey?

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Hey have you guys heard that there might not be any NHL this season or something?

I'm not exactly sure what's up, since I've been too busy making color wheels to follow hockey news this summer, but I think it has something to with some sci-fi movie starring Guy Pearce and that girl from Taken. I'm pretty fuzzy on the connection between this movie and the NHL, but maybe like they're going to make a sequel and they will be filming in all the NHL arenas, Sudden Death-style?

Yeah, that's probably it.

It sure would suck to not have NHL hockey all year, huh? I don't like any other sports and watching other kinds of hockey just wouldn't be the same, so I would have a lot of free time I'd need to fill. I guess I would probably need to get some hobbies and friends and stuff - but that sounds awful!

So what are you guys going to do if there isn't hockey? Answer this poll or let me know in the comments!