Spade's greatest hits

I commented elsewhere I'd put this one responded or asked for this is a pure rub jelly on myself and eat it vanity post..or just an easier place for me to visit my greatness

we do have some someone might find it intresting

I did write a lot of gameday posts but I think I accidentally deleted all of the bother I wasnt too great at them anyways..

i did do some toons..and i might post some of those at a later time...but for now heres some links...oh slow summer...

p.s. some spade adivce for you upcoming weekend

1. try the newly imported "Indio" beer...if u see it..fuckin delicious..theyve had it in mexico forever but finally the guy who kept getting caught by the minutemen and la migre finally evaded them and has brought this fine beer for us americans to drink

2. take the blue pill

3. i dont care how sweaty your balls get in this heat dont use powder..u just smell like an old guy

4.stay away from riverside cuz ill be this weekend...and im crazy!!!..crazy ya see

5.listen to some filter loud and without prejudice

hopefully all these links work

this was after we elminated the sharks..a spade-toon inside!

Getzlaf Vs the Hockey of my finest pieces of work

orIgin of the tatto bet

more tatto info

conclusion of tatto bet..picture of me!

BOC t-shirts one of my favorite posts

spade gets into an accident..seriously anyone have worse luck than me?....ethopian kids got nothing on me

spade gets in a fight with a kings fan

check out the poll on this one...look which got no votes lol

another favorite...we thought sleek was dead..(picture of sleek inside)

i ran a journal for a little...take a read if u like..ill start up again

my duck or king series..rudy ripped off this for the other parts

i just love the picture in this one

boc bumper stickers!

my frasier interview


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