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Top 20 Moments Of The Kings' Stanley Cup Run- #17: Dwight King, Villain

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#20: Matt Greene Takes A Penalty

#19: Mike Richards Is A World Policeman

#18: Jonathan Quick's Toe

Game 1 vs. the Blues:

From St. Louis Game Time:

I almost hope [King] isn’t suspended so he’ll have to answer to someone in front of the home fans in St Louis instead of LA. We’ll see, I guess.

He wouldn't fight Crombeen at the end of the game, so I doubt anything comes of it.

It would have likely happened there if King were willing. Barring Pietrangelo being declared out for multiple games, I think King doesn’t fight anyone. I don’t even think King has 1 fighting major in his whole professional nhl/ahl career.

Of course he wouldn't fight him.

The guy is an absolute coward. I have seen him cheap shot people from behind then run away a few times. Total pussy. I really hope they start Reaves for just one game and let the man go apeshit on all the Queen’s faces. Or if we want to play the "injure the other team’s best player" game that so many of these lesser skilled teams want to play than fucking go after Quick. Take that cocksucker out. Stomp the mother fuckers knees and ankles when you get in that crease.

Game 2:

Game 3:

I didn't appreciate King's hit on Pietrangelo. I thought it was stupid and reckless. But from the little I've seen of King's game I don't think it was purposeful. I honestly don't give him enough credit to think that he could intentionally plan to hurt someone and actually carry said plan out. He's a big dumb Labrador with these gangly limbs that go every which way. But he's a 6'3", 225 pound Labrador who can (and will) stand up for his mistakes. And then later score the game-winning* goal. I appreciate that.

That he infuriated a bunch of St. Louis Blues fans is just icing.**

*It's been 3 months and already I can't accurately remember this shit. This is why I'm writing it down.

**How insufferable were Blues fans? I missed Canucks fans by about midway through game 2. Think about that.