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Which Side Are You On?

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In 99 percent of disagreements, the bad guys are the richer guys.

And in 99% of disagreements, the richer guys win.

Lockout news and views:

A detailed breakdown of the difference between the two proposals by James Mirtle, who used to work for Battle of California until Earl fired him.

SB Nation's Lockout Central

Won't Somebody Please Think of the Owners? by Ryan Lambert

Actually taking the owners' side we have westy99. We debated a bit in the comments - I couldn't really understand what he was saying, though, because of all those owner dicks in his mouth (just kidding westy, no hard feelings, it's okay to be wrong).

F*** the Owners, by Rudy. I agree 100%.

Things that are true:

1. The fans are going to come back.

2. The players are going to lose.

And now, the official Battle of California Lockout Playlist:

Which Side Are You On - Dropkick Murphys (via YaBasta1936)

Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman - Solidarity Forever (With Lyrics) (via TheAudio320)

The Simpsons - Union Strike Song and Classical Gas (via Ski11et)

Billy Bragg -There Is Power In A Union (via HonestConor32)

The Men Of The Deeps/Coal Tattoo (via mirashadow)

NHL Highlights 2011-12 Part 1 (via CamUHandleIT)


God damn it.