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Battle of California Fantasy Hockey 2013

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If we're going to be pathetic losers, we can at least be pathetic losers together.

Fantasy beans!
Fantasy beans!

Both fantasy hockey leagues are full. If you didn't get in, you can publish other league details in the comments if you want.

Feel free to discuss fantasy strategy and tips and other ways we fill the painful voids in our pitifully empty lives in the comments.

Battle of California League Team/Manager list

Anzeholics Anonymous / DodgerBlueBalls

Brain and Braun / pooponastick

Certified Ninjas / angryjay93

Donald Jer / Jer

Fear the Finns / The Neutral

Fighting Fighters / Johngo Fett

Fournick Gators / Tu Madre

Joe Bidens / Meg

The Goddamn Honey / Bearodactyls

Golden Seals / skyywise

Triple Rovertime / Hailrover

Kitten Mittons / Nut

SLO Say We All / slowtown

Pencakers / Dunn

Ponyville Sharks / Diamondback

Sleek and Destroy / Sleek

Stufflife Shrubs / stufflife

The Snuffle Bunnies / PNK

Windy City Frostbite / Carl G

spades lil bandito's / Spade