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Trading away your future

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Oh no! What has Lombardi done now?

Do it for Kashyyyk.
Do it for Kashyyyk.
Harry How

It appears the shrinking salary cap has already had an effect on the Stanley Cup winning Kings. As in other teams turn into complete fucking idiots when doing transactions with them. The Kings traded everyone's favorite local Wookie to Carolina in what was a sure sign of making space on their roster and clearing cap space, and an indicator of the lockout induced penny pinching...And they got Anthony Stewart and a couple of draft picks from Carolina for sending over their average at best enforcer who was very likable at least but let's be real here. The Hurricanes just got fleeced. Maybe Stewart doesn't even have a mediocre season and pots only four or five goals. Maybe those draft picks never turn into anything. The fact the Kings gave up only Westgarth and got that much in return is mind boggling. What's Carolina expecting? That Westie will lead them on their lower lines? They want the Cup experience? Bad news for them, given how many games Westie saw in the postseason. Plus, didn't those Staal kids win some championships or something?

This is clearly the by-product of being awesome and everyone else sucking so much ass they are high on butt fumes. Hooray for more depth! Fuck you, everyone else!

G A P +/- PIM
2011 - Anthony Stewart 9 11 20 -2 30

See those 20 points? Those are 20 points that Westgarth is not going to reproduce. Morons. Generous morons, but morons. Westgarth will be missed only by virtue that he was a cool guy and did a lot of work during this lockout. I like him, but I'd only want him on the Kings long term if he sat in the press box only and wasn't taking up space on the roster. Stewart has to be cooler though. I mean, he has to be. It's like nature or something.