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Los Angeles Kings Gameday: Not Another Game!

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Oh crap, I have to do more of these?

Oh, Anthony Stewart...We hardley knew thee.
Oh, Anthony Stewart...We hardley knew thee.
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Next Game

Los Angeles Kings
@ Colorado Avalanche

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2013, 6:00 PM PST
Pepsi Center

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This is ridiculous. I just did a gameday post, like, three days ago or something. The fact I have to work on these blogs for like an hour or so every couple of days is insane. It's like sweatshop labor. I had to even put down FIFA for a few minutes, and I'm low on Funions and ghetto blasters. EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WORKERS! This will not stand, Meg! Attica! Attica!

Alright, whatever, who are the Kings even playing? Colorado? Shit, they haven't been entertaining since Sakic retired. So no banners, no Stanley Cup, and a game in Denver. The Kings will probably come out sluggish again, or at least Lewis and Doughty will, given the pot laws in Colorado. Man, I could use some more Funions.

In other news, the Kings waived Anthony Stewart on MLK Day. Smooth move there Deano. Way to reaffirm that hockey is for the white man and follow the Winnipeg Jets model. Hurricane fans are probably laughing about this, though I would still say the Westgarth deal is tipped for the Kings. The Kings point production for his old slot is now a wash, so yeah, I'm crushed. Really. Very sad. I had so many racist posts. So you win Carolina. A quick ode to Stew:

Anthony Stew,

We barely knew,

Your time on the Kings,

Wait, did you play center or wing?

Anyways, get the fuck out,

and try not to pout,

Canes fans will shout,

They knew what you were about,

The goalies you humped,

Kopi's back and you got bumped.

There should be takers,

If not, just join the Lakers.

Additionally, Matt Greene is out for a long fucking time with a bad back, reportedly. It still doesn't explain why he was taking so many stupid ass penalties in the Kings' opener, but maybe explains a bit of why he was about as effective as Anthony Stewart in, well, Los Angeles. Now I really miss Willie Mitchell. The defense is a complete bumblefuck now. The Martinez-Voynov experiment should be over. White Russians aren't made with tequila after all. I think that Drewiske will get another shot at not shitting the bed after finally receiving playing time since fire was discovered. At least Kopitar is likely on his way back into the lineup. As to who actually sits is a mystery, as the Kings' fourth line was really their only effective one in their first game. My guess would be Dwight King.

The main point is the Kings really need to play better because I don't feel like drinking that much mescal again.