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Anaheim Ducks Gameday: Roberto Luongo's Top Ten Lockout Tweets

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Ducks home opener vs. Canucks, Luongo makes some cheesy jokes.

It doesn't matter what I type here, you're still reading it. Photo credit
It doesn't matter what I type here, you're still reading it. Photo credit
Stephen Dunn

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Vancouver Canucks
@ Anaheim Ducks

Friday, Jan 25, 2013, 7:00 PM PST
Honda Center

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The Ducks' PK is abysmal, their Power Play is inconsistent, defense looks disorganized, and Bonino/Ryan on the 2nd line need a lot of help. But hey, they're up 2-0 and there's no shortage of goal scoring.

The Ducks probably can't count on 5 or more goals every game for much longer, nor is Daniel Winnik likely to keep up with his 2 goals per game streak. They're going to need a lot of work to stave off a Vancouver squad looking to even the score after a convincing loss to Anaheim in their previous meetup. Somehow, it's worked for the Ducks so far, but eventually the other shoe is bound to drop.

But speaking of Vancouver, somehow Roberto Luongo is still with the team despite wild speculation that he'd be traded before the start of the season. I was looking at Lu's secret-but-not-really-a-secret Twitter account the other day, and decided that there would be no better way to honor his continuing stint with the Canucks than to compile a list of his top ten tweets.

Then I realized just how much this guy tweets, and decided to limit it to strictly those tweets during the lockout. My time is too valuable, folks.

Roberto Luongo's Top Ten Lockout Tweets

In no particular order...

1. Here's Robby on Oct 4th, what should have been the start of the 2012-13 regular season, congratulating Gary Bettman on completing his lockout hat trick.

2. With nothing else to talk about during the prolonged work stoppage, lots of people started speculating on possible rule changes for once the NHL returned. Luongo had a suggestion...

3. Luongo tries some of Bettman's tactics around his home:

4. Luongo makes fun of fellow goalie Ilya Bryzgalov's English speaking skills and suggests he stay out of the NHL by tweeting a note to a Bryzgalov parody account...

5. Speaking of making fun of other goalies:
(Okay, that one's not a lockout-related tweet, but we all enjoy making fun of Tim Thomas's nutjob politics.)

6. Oh, the jokes he tells...

7. We all did some weird things last year...

8. I'm just including this one because Darren Dreger is annoying:

9. Rudy and Earl weren't the only people invested in the Maya...

10. And finally...

Predictions: Winnik slows down and only scores 1 goal this game, and Teemu Selanne and Bobby Ryan each pitch in with goals of their own. Ducks win 3-2.

I'll be at the game tonight, so once again I won't be around for comments. Look for me up in the nosebleeds, I'll be the guy in a Ducks jersey.