Burritos 14.2: The Endless Possibilities of Youth

This is my favorite time of the year. The baseball playoffs are on (which I can basically just enjoy this year without any anxiety), the autumn weather in Northern California is fucking fantastic, and hockey is back. Everyone is excited about possibilities right now.

If your team sucks, it's early enough to right the ship, even if you're the New York Rangers. If your team is good, you're imagining 6 more months of unbroken awesomeness. If you're a 19 year old dillweed from the Czech Republic, you're alternating between scoring a bazillion filthy goals from in close, getting yelled at by old men, and throwing your shit all over the ice. If you're Jonathan Quick, you're doing your best bored-Patrick-Roy impression* and practicing your deflections, knowing that none of this shit really matters much right now. The stakes are low, the crowds are excited for games, and good or bad everyone is just trying to figure out whether any of it is sustainable.

It's been an especially hilarious and fruitful week here at BoC for stupidity and dick-talk (two of the pillars of our community).

* During his playing years, not during his assault-and-battery years post retirement.

The Highest Rated Comment

Dunn repeats by turning to an old classic.

The Best of the Rest

Nut's subtlety was lost on most of the commentariat, but this was awesome:

Davis Love III is the Benedict Cumberbatch of the States

whine_country tees up on a giveaway from Chris ATC.

> Have you seen her without her bangs? Completely different person.

Nope. Banged her every time I saw her.

This is Meg's comment, pointing out that Dunn's "We Are All (Dwight) Kings" art piece made it to the jumbotron at Staples.

The Week's Worst Comment

This week it's a whatever-way tie with all the fucking @oracle animated gif requests. I thought when the robots took over, it'd be awesome laser carnage in the streets as they destroyed all humans. Instead, it's like the least funny 4chan poster got invited to make every other comment.

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