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The 5 Funniest Hockey Tweets of the Week: Lowly Sabres Edition

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Collecting the top attempts at hockey humor on Twitter for the week ending 10/27/2013.

Hooray for you.
Hooray for you.
Rick Stewart

The Buffalo Sabres are the funniest team in the league this season.

Their weird third jerseys, their insanely goonish play, naming Steve Ott captain, and their overall badness at the game of hockey...just keep doing what you've been doing, Sabres. If there was a trophy for "Most Ridiculous Team" you would already have it locked up.

Here are the five funniest hockey-related tweets from the past week:


John Scott elbowed three centurions in their heads before they could properly crucify him.


If the game was still on TV when people found your dead body, you wouldn't even need a suicide note. Everyone would know what had happened and why.


It's only bad if you're a fan of that team. For everyone else, that's amazing.


Great stuff here everybody.

#1 -The Fake Dan Ellis Memorial Tweet of the Week!

It's not just you. That is funny as shit.

Remember, if you see a funny hockey tweet during the week and think it deserves a place in the top five, send it to me @MegalodonBOC .