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BoC's exclusive inteview with Kevin Demers, brother of Jason

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I spoke to Kevin Demers about his cool new video, his cool old dad, and his younger brother.

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Kevin Demers: brother, film-maker, Zoolander fan.
Kevin Demers: brother, film-maker, Zoolander fan.

Brace yourselves for some serious journalism, folks.

Yesterday on Twitter Kevin Demers, whose younger brother is, of course, the Sharks' Jason Demers, announced the release of his production company's new video: "#1 Fan." I've embedded it below, but you should also go watch it on YouTube and leave comments and "like" it and all that stuff because, honestly, it's really great.

After I checked out the video, I started up a conversation with Kevin via Twitter:

From here we quickly became the very best of friends (not really, YET!) and Kevin agreed to answer a few of my questions in this BOC EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW.


Q1: How did the #1 fan commercial come together? Who thought it up?

Kevin: #1 fan came up just talking to my parents one day, as a family we were all sitting around the dinner table and talking about what my parents used to go through with my brother and I. From my brother crying to get up in the morning to me having my dad being the only one allowed to tie my skates as a kid. Then I realized I might have something there.

Parents all around have a million different stories about their kids and the things they have to go through to get their kids to practice or games. In the end you look at it and you realize if it wasn't for the parents of some of these athletes, they probably wouldn't be where they are today. So then you sit down and ask yourself who's the real superstar?

Q2: Your production company, Bubo Pictures, seems like a lot of fun. In your wildest dreams, what would you like to see the company do in the future?

Kevin: Bubo is a good time, it's still a start up production house, but we are moving the ball forward everyday. Our team is very adamant about coming up with "different" ideas. One of our projects is definitely advancing #1fan to an online campaign with different mothers and fathers telling their stories about their boys.

But our future is on a television series we are developing at the moment about a junior hockey team. This project though I still can't give too much information away just yet. that link is a sample of some on ice camera work my partner (T.Anthony Gharzouzi) and I shot.

Q3: What do you think it is about your dad that helped Jason become such a success?

Kevin: There are so many factors that played into my brother's success. My father and mother were definitely huge parts of that success. My father had one rule, which was he'd never miss us growing up, coming from a hockey family that means coaching our teams from baseball to hockey, and that alone plays a huge role in a young man's life.

Both our parents were very active, they were always at the gym and if we were sitting around in the house, we'd get kicked out and told to use our imagination, which led us to playing ball hockey non-stop. With that Jason's hard work alone got him to where he is, whatever my brother and I wanted to do, our parents would support our decision and help us anyway they could to reach our goal. I think I can speak for my brother when I say my parents are our best friends.

Q4: Care to share any embarrassing stories about Jason from his childhood?

Kevin: Embarrassing story about Jason, that's too easy. I won't get him too mad (since the season just started) but I'd have to go with our family's favourite story. The first time he got caught swearing, our dad never had the heart to do that old school parental punishment where he pulls out the belt, but he threatened to wash out his mouth and low and behold, Jason felt so bad that he washed out his own mouth. We all still laugh about it today because my dad wasn't gonna even do it.

Q5: Can you shed any light on why, exactly, your brother Jason is nicknamed "Daddy"?

Kevin: Who is Daddy? why he's nicknamed daddy, I'm still trying to figure it out. Jason's mentioned a few things to me, but I have been sworn under the hockey code not to say a word.

Any final words you'd like to share?

Kevin: The main reason I did this video is simple, I know my brothers not a Sydney Crosby or Steve Yzerman but I wanted to show my brother not only how proud my father and mother are of him, but how proud I am of him and everything he's worked so hard for. He deserves it.

Fantastic stuff!

Big thanks to Kevin Demers for taking the time to answer my questions, for making that cool video, and for finally helping us get to the bottom of that whole Daddy nickname thing!

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