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Los Angeles Kings Gameday: Colder,

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It's a back-to-back! It's the hour of the Scrivens

Ben Scrivens, seen here, preparing for book club
Ben Scrivens, seen here, preparing for book club
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sp

We already know that Winnipeg is a really racist franchise and city, but what else is in the news with them? Well, there's this:

Winnipeg Jets assistant GM Craig Heisinger was more than happy to be present for his team's Tuesday night's NHL season opener at Rexall Place.

And for more than just a fresh start to the hockey cycle.

Late Saturday night, Heisinger and St. John's IceCaps director of hockey operations Brad Andrews were in a vehicle that collided with a moose on their way back to St. John's after an AHL exhibition game in Clarenville, N.L.

While the article conveniently doesn't mention the poor black kid chained to the back of the car, this is still pretty insane. Running into a moose? Apparently, that's a pretty big concern in places where moose (mooses? meese?) roam around. To be fair, Africa has a big problem with hippo related deaths. Here in Los Angeles, we don't worry about wildlife, because we're awesome and killed 90% of it. We only have to worry about deadly crack heads, crack dealers, and bad crack. You know, natural hazards.

One guy though that is bound to have long, healthy life in L.A. is Ben Scrivens, 'cause he knows crack is whack.


Hm. He may have changed his stance on that. Now, at the time of writing this, I can only assume he is starting here against the Winnipeg Jets. Jonathan Quick finished a shootout game, and it's a back-to-back on the road. One could easily surmise he rests. But since it's Darryl Sutter, expect him to start. But if Sutter goes against his intuition and goes with a logical move, what should we expect from Mr. Scrivens?

My guess is during stoppages a lot of Magic cards being sorted. Maybe drawing anime characters in the crease while the Kings are in the offensive zone. That or figuring out the statistical probability of being killed by a moose when in central Canada.

UPDATE: Quick is scheduled to start. Go figure. Anyways...

Next Game

Los Angeles Kings
@ Winnipeg Jets

Friday, Oct 4, 2013, 5:00 PM PDT
MTS Centre

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The Kings did not look good last game. Luckilly, Quick and Olympian Trevor Lewis kept the Kings in it while Jeff Carter did the rest. Winnipeg sneaked a win out of Edmonton during the fire alarm incident, in what was probably the ugliest game I ever watched. It should be interesting if the Kings come back out with even less energy, especially with Dwight King reduced to a mere mortal. Why are you still reading this? Go read the interview with Kevin Demers. Sheesh.

Prediciton: Scrivens with the shutout.

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