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Anaheim Ducks Gameday: The Goon Debate

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The gang talks about goons before tonight's Ducks @ Wild matchup.

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Well, for the previous Ducks game, I spent my gameday article discussing how unremarkable our opponent that night was. Then our opponent beat us in a pretty remarkable manner. So maybe today I just won't address the Minnestoa Wild's ability or lack of ability and instead focus on more pressing matters.

After a fight with Leafs' Colton Orr left Canadiens' George Parros a bloody concussed mess, the fighting-in-hockey debate picked up again. There's tons of opinions, both reasonable and absurd, on either side and it's hard to know which side to come down on.

We here at Battle of California are pretty conflicted ourselves, but I'll give you a little bit of insight as to our thought process. Given that Megalodon, Dunn, and I are three best friends who do everything together, we often get together outside of Battle of California to discuss issues of the day. Here's a recent chat log in which we discuss our evolving views on the goon debate:

if anything, fighting should be encouraged
look what it did to parros
one fight at a time and the goons take each other out
no more goons

if goons are outlawed, only outlaws will have goons.

if Phil Kessel only had a goon on him, things would have gone so much differently
John Scott would have never attacked him

I oppose all forms of goon control.

We should close the goonshow loophole

background checks for goons violates all civil liberties

Goons don't kill people, Dany Heatley kills people

i just know I want my kids growing up familiar with goons, in case they ever have to use one

All I'm saying is that when Obama comes to my house to to try and redistribute my wealth, I'll be happy that I kept that goon to defend myself

[Brad Staubitz bursts out of a goon closet]

I have a permit to carry a concealed goon.
[I walk into Walmart with Orr hiding under my coat]

But where do we draw the line? Automatic assault goons?

we shouldn't have goons on the streets

What responsibility do companies like EA play in keeping goon violence out of children’s video games?

... As you can see, the three of us don't have all of the answers. But at least we're all able to come to the table and have a civil discussion about it.

Gameday Prediction

Some dude punches some other dude and that dude punches him back. The Ducks win 4-2 and Mathieu Perreault assists on all goals (both teams').

Classic Moment

To help commemorate the Ducks' 20th year this season, each gameday I'll be posting a clip of a classic moment from the team's history against that night's opponent. Here is today's...

Bobby Ryan scores with Mikko Koivu's stick (December 12th, 2010):

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