Burritos 14.1: The Glorious Return

Hey everyone, burritos are back! Woo hoo! But first, I'd like to talk about angry white guys.

What the fuck?

On a baseball thread, I made a fairly innocuous, at least by BoC standards, comment about the professional golfer "Davis Love III," which is just about the professional golfiest name you could have. I described how I dislike Davis Love III because he is apparently just as much of an asshole as you would imagine someone with that name and that job would be.

But two commenters didn't like that I described Davis Love III as having a "punchable WASPy face." To them, saying Davis Love III, professional golfer, has a face I'd enjoy punching is fine. But I was WAY out of bounds by saying his self-satisfied smirk, a smirk that is the result of Davis Love III being a remarkably rich white dude, makes me want to punch him.*

Basically, this was the first step on a slippery slope that leads to me punching all minorities in the face, because imagine if I had said that a non-causcasian had a punchable face. You could also imagine that I had advocated apartheid instead of making fun of the face of Davis Love III, pro golfer. Man, I'm a horrible person in that imaginary world!

So, after a great deal of soul searching, I feel it's my duty to tell all the people out there who now believe that indiscriminately punching rich white guys in the face is A-OK, I say, "No way. Wealthy Caucasian men have suffered enough."

* To be fully transparent, I have only punched the faces of white, Anglo-Saxon protestants.

The Highest Rated Comment

This week it's Dunn making a Perfect Penner Pun.

I hope Boudreau doesn’t waffle on this decision

The Best of the Rest

whine_country leads things off with a good response to the suggestion that Patrick Roy should get the Jack Adams award:

Give him the Jack Daniels first, let’s see how far this can go.

Jibblescribbets stops by to salt the wounds of the ass-kicking his Avs gave the Ducks in their game 1:

Dear California

We’re ready for your good teams now, thanks.

raincity just GETS IT, folks.

I am a Canucks fan

We win the division if everyone else gets hit by a meteor

The Worst Comment

Altogether a pretty mild week here. It's early, though, so I expect we'll be luring in the humorless, naive, spastic, and horrible soon enough.

Still, Slo, you did a terrible job of picking up on the obvious joke here. Hopefully a nice tasty burrito will sharpen your mind a bit.


did he even play there for more than a season?

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