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Sharks Gameday: Emmigration

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The Quebec Musketeers, formerly the Phoenix Coyotes, are much worse than their record indicates.

Quebec City, home of the Musketeers.
Quebec City, home of the Musketeers.

Next Game

Quebec Musketeers
@ San Jose Sharks

Saturday, Nov 2, 2013, 7:30 PM PDT
HP Pavilion

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Tonight the Sharks play the Quebec Musketeers for the second time this season. The two teams played back on October 5th, and the Sharks came out with a 4-1 victory after Tomas Hertl scored twice in the first period.

The Musketeers have started their first season in Quebec after moving from Phoenix with a solid record, though looking back over their schedule a lot of their victories begin to look less than impressive. Have the Musketeers beaten ANY good teams so far this season? Let's find out.

Teams the Musketeers have beaten: Rangers, Red Wings (twice), Flyers, Hurricanes, Flames, Oilers, Kings.

Teams that have beaten the Musketeers: Sharks, Islanders, Senators, Ducks, Kings.

Teams the Musketeers are playing later on the day I'm writing this post so I'm not going to include them: Predators.

Well that clears things up for us, doesn't it? The Los Angeles Kings are the only good team the Musketeers have beaten all season long. The only reason Quebec has a decent record so far is because they haven't had to face many teams that actually know how to play hockey. Looking ahead to their November schedule, they almost have an entire month of games against good teams, so by the time December rolls around it's likely they will be looking at a .500 record or worse.

You suck, Musketeers. I can't wait until next season when the conferences realign again and you go to the East with all the other bad teams where you belong.

Prediction: Sharks win, obviously, because they're good.

Video Gamery: Tomb Raider III (the only one of the series I played) is my 69th-favorite video game. I didn't get very far in the actual game but it was really fun and I enjoyed the hell out of shooting the butler in the mansion. Unfortunately I can't find a video of anyone doing that, so here is somebody running the obstacle course.

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