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Los Angeles Kings Gameday: Out of Touch

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Did you hear the news? Because Darryl didn't

Who is that? Adam Mendez? Aaron Marquez? Alan Montego?
Who is that? Adam Mendez? Aaron Marquez? Alan Montego?
Harry How

Bad news, Kings fans. Keaton gone. Well, sort of. He's been waived. I know, I'm upset too. But you know who is the most upset? Darryl Sutter. He can't believe it!


Okay, so Sutter is actually upset about the fact no one told him that Jeff Carter was apparently injured. That news was cycled through the twitter-verse, so when Darryl had his "meet the media" moment and the topic of Jeff Carter being in walking boot came up, he was not pleased. He looked rather bitter, so to speak. Because, as it turns out, according to ol' Farmer Darryl, nobody told him. Of course that is really interesting seeing how Ellerby, as previously mentioned, was waived, and that Tyler Toffoli and Linden Vey were on their way up to the NHL. This could be a growing rift between general manager and coach. Or perhaps a slip of just not letting Sutter know, while everyone else found out. Or maybe, it was just a communication breakdown. But it's a weird occurrence.

So what else has Darryl not been told? It's anyone's guess really, but he does have a history of missing rather important news.

  • When asked about the new Star Wars films, Darryl replied that he hoped Luke would finally get some closure about what happened to Anakin Skywalker, and perhaps some revenge on Darth Vader.
  • Darryl Sutter raised some eyebrows when the Kings visited the White House last season and he gave Barack Obama some ideas to where Osama bin Laden was possibly hiding.
  • During a visit to the museum of natural history, Darryl Sutter was ridiculed by Ms. Jenner's 3rd grade class after remarking on how excited he would be when he could finally see a real, living dinosaur.
  • Looking for a car over this past summer, Darryl Sutter was confused as to why he couldn't find himself a Pinto at any dealership.
  • Darryl couldn't understand why he was unable to find any new music from Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, or "The Big Bopper" since 1959.
  • After visiting with his financial adviser for the first time in 15 years, Darryl Sutter is not happy with his decision to invest in Enron.
  • Despite numerous inquiries, Darryl Sutter cannot seem to track down season tickets for the upcoming XFL season.
  • Even though there was immense critical and popular support for the series, Darryl Sutter cannot figure out why he has had difficulty drumming up support for The Sopranos movie.
  • After the dismissal of Jamie Kompon, Darryl Sutter is befuddled as to why Terry Murray should not be contacted for an assistant coaching position with the Kings.
  • Infuriated about being left out of the loop so often, Darryl demands to know how he is so uninformed. Told of the internet, Darryl refuses to believe that such a crazy system could exist.

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Poor Keaton Ellerby. I actually do feel sort of bad for the guy. I mean, not that bad, he really wasn't very remarkable. And Tyler Toffoli and Linden Vey are finally with the big club! WOOOOOOO. Cons: No Jeff Carter for who knows how long. Especially since no one knew he was hurt to begin with. To top off the weirdness of the day for the Kings, Alec Martinez was back at practice with the forwards again. Meaning nothing? Probably. But in a day where two prospects are called up (and not the third one, who is a left wing, where the Kings are noticeably weak at), and where the coach has no idea what's up with his active roster, who knows? At least I can hope, right?

Guesses for lines? In all seriousness, I highly doubt Sutter gives Vey or Toffoli top six roles. He proved reluctant to do so with Toffoli last year, even when he was producing. Does Brown move back up? Does Vey even play? Will the Martinez experiment ever pan out? I don't know. Hell, Sutter probably doesn't know, and will possibly be confused like no other as to why Toffoli and Vey are even at the rink. So what I want:





Looks a little different from a maybe crazed, quite possibly irritated Sutter's plan (projected):





Prediction: Vey and Toffoli don't play and Sutter pouts all night.

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