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Ducks Gameday: Nobody Likes Minnesota

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Taking a look at what Minnesotans think about their own state. Wild @ Ducks.

Richard Wolowicz

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Minnesota Wild
@ Anaheim Ducks

Wednesday, Dec 11, 2013, 7:30 PM PST
Honda Center

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Hey, check out these two weekly weather forecasts and take a guess as to which one represents the weather at the Honda Center this week, and which one represents the Minnesota Wild's Xcel Energy Center:


Haha -9° holy fuck.

Anyway, I know Minnesota is supposed to be a cold unbearable hellhole, but I didn't really bother looking in to it until I started searching what people from Minnesota were saying about Minnesota on Twitter.

Turns out even everyone in Minnesota can't tolerate how horrible the place is.

Using Twitter's advanced search features, I only browsed through tweets that were actually coming from within the state.

You idiots should probably just move out of there already.

Gameday Prediction

Wild players want out of Minnesota so badly that they all committ suicide on the ice tonight at the Honda Center so that they'll never have to return to their horrible state.

Classic Moment

To help commemorate the Ducks' 20th year this season, each gameday I'll be posting a clip of a classic moment from the team's history against that night's opponent. Here is today's...

Mighty Ducks OT Goal vs. Wild - 02/03 Playoffs - R3 GM1 (via HockeyPacific)