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Ducks Gameday: Why Did They Leave Us?

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Because they can't keep up. Ducks @ Red Wings.

Fallling. Photo credit
Fallling. Photo credit
Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

I tried pretty hard to come up with a way to make this post full of hate and spite, you know, for old time's sake, but it's pretty hard. Now that the Detroit Red Wings have left the Western Conference for the Eastern, they're no longer an irritating opponent that we have to face regularly, they're simply a lackluster team from a depressing town in a weak division.

And they're struggling. They're struggling real bad.

Atlantic Standings

Boston 33 22 9 2 46
Montreal 35 20 12 3 43
Tampa Bay 33 19 11 3 41
Detroit 35 15 11 9 39
Toronto 34 17 14 3 37
Ottawa 34 13 15 6 32
Florida 34 12 17 5 29
Buffalo 33 7 23 3 17

(updated 12.16.2013 at 6:34 AM PST)

Prior to tonight's game against Anaheim, Detroit has 39 points. At the time of this writing (prior to any Monday or Tuesday games), that puts the Red Wings 4th in their division, and two of the three teams ahead of them have played fewer games.


In fact, a miserable 39 points would put the Red Wings in the 5th spot in the central division, and the 6th in the league-dominating Pacific division.

It's not too surprising that Detroit is off to a weaker start than usual. While certainly still a contender over the past few seasons, it was clear that the team was on the decline. It was obvious enough that the Red Wings higher-ups made sure that, as part of the league realignment, Detroit would be moved to a weaker division better suited for their deteriorating performance. It seemed like a genius move.

What is surprising, however, is that this move out East wasn't able to make up for their weaker start. Can you imagine the position they'd be in right now had they still been playing games as part of the Western Conference? The embarrassment the franchise and its fans must be feeling right now in the Atlantic is bad enough.

So yeah, it's hard to try and continue caring about a team that will be doomed to irrelevancy soon if some huge changes aren't made. I just feel bad for them.

At least I don't need to pay attention to them any longer now, out there in the East.

Good luck!

Gameday Prediction

Anaheim gives Detroit a pitty win.

Classic Moment

To help commemorate the Ducks' 20th year this season, each gameday I'll be posting a clip of a classic moment from the team's history against that night's opponent. Here is today's...

Detroit Red Wings - Anaheim Ducks NHL Playoffs 2007