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Anaheim Ducks Gameday: 8.25 Million Dollars

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Blues @ Ducks, and what $8.25 million can buy you.

You will never know what $8.25 million feels like. Getzlaf will. About 8 times over. Photo credit
You will never know what $8.25 million feels like. Getzlaf will. About 8 times over. Photo credit
Stephen Dunn

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As we all learned on Friday, the franchise has extended the contract of Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf for 8 years at $66 million dollars, an average of $8.25 million a year.

I don't need to tell you that this is a shitload of money.

Since none of us will ever see $8.25 million, it's hard for us to contextualize it. So today I thought we could take a look at some of the things which that amount of money might buy, in order to put it all in to perspective.

  1. Almost 16 years of Ben Lovejoy
  2. About 235,715 of Meg's man-purses
  3. Approximately 4,125,000 burritos
  4. Around 17,934,783 US postage stamps
  5. About 2,062,500 six-packs of cheap beer
  6. Six beers at Staples Center
  7. Almost 340 Toyota Priuses for Earl Sleek
  8. Approximately 4,187,817 cans of spray paint for Dunn to huff
  9. About 1,979,842 gallons of gas
  10. Nearly 917 funeral services for Rudy Kelly (RIP).
Gameday Prediction: Oh, I don't know... Ducks probably win again. Let's say 3-2. Getzlaf does not buy any of these things.