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San Jose Sharks Gameday: We Want Winnik

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What Anaheim player should the Sharks target prior to the trade deadline?

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The trade deadline is almost upon us, and that means teams will be looking to make deals to improve their rosters heading into the playoffs. Both the Sharks and the Ducks will be keen to address team weaknesses before the deadline passes, so here are some possible trades the two teams could make with each other that would benefit both clubs.

To the Anaheim Ducks: Ryane Clowe

To the San Jose Sharks: Daniel Winnik

What the Ducks get: A gritty winger with an expiring contract and extensive playoff experience. Clowe is a coveted asset that a number of teams have had their eye on this year, and adding him would make perfect sense for a Ducks team with star players to protect during a playoff run. Clowe will be an unrestricted free agent after this season, which means the Ducks won't be on the hook for his salary if things don't work out. There's a great chance Clowe will mesh well with the rest of the Ducks, though. He's exactly the kind of player Anaheim loves. Who knows? The Ducks might decide to sign him to a contract to keep him around as a cheaper Corey Perry substitute!

What the Sharks get:


To the Anaheim Ducks: Michal Handzus

To the San Jose Sharks: Daniel Winnik

What the Ducks get: An experienced veteran and faceoff specialist, Handzus is exactly who the Ducks should have gone after INSTEAD of David Steckel, who probably sucks. Handzus has been used in the past to shut down other team's top lines, and that's exactly the sort of thing that becomes much more important once the playoffs start.

What the Sharks get:


To the Anaheim Ducks: Douglas Murray, T.J. Galiardi, Michal Handzus, Ryane Clowe, Todd McLellan

To the San Jose Sharks: Daniel Winnik

What the Ducks get: A punishing physical defenseman, an evangelical Christian who will love life in Orange County, a veteran faceoff specialist, a cheaper Corey Perry, and the most successful coach in Sharks history. Also I will rip out my own beating heart and give it to you, if that is what it takes.

What the Sharks get:


Prediction: The sun continues to rise, water continues to be wet, and I continue to be disappointed by the Sharks.

Today's book is The Elegant Universe, which is also the name of the pattern on Winnik's kick-ass shorts.