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Anaheim Ducks Gameday: A Brief Interview with Mike Babcock's Facial Expressions

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Battle of California is treated to an interview session with the many faces of Mike Babcock

Christian Petersen

It's not often that we are able to land big name interviews with stars of the hockey world here on Battle of California, so I was very excited when I ran in to Detroit Red Wings coach Mike Babcock down here in Southern California. He agreed to a brief interview for us before tonight's game at the Honda Center.

BOC: Excuse me, Mr. Babcock?


BOC: Yes, hi... My name is Jer, from Battle of California, do you mind if I ask you some questions?


BOC: Sure, I can try to limit it to four questions. First, the last time the Red Wings met up with Anaheim, the Ducks won pretty convincingly, 5-2. Can we get your thoughts on that game?


BOC: Okay, sore subject. I'll move on. It looks like we're finally closing in on a commitment from the NHL and NHLPA to participate once again in the Winter Olympics. If so, it seems pretty clear that you will be asked to return as coach of Team Canada. How do you feel about this?


BOC: And if talks fall through and there is no agreement for the NHL to participate in the Olympics?


BOC: Okay, final question -- There's no question that Niklas Kronwall routinely doles out dirty hits that are conveniently overlooked by the NHL Department of Player Safety, with Wednesday night being yet another example (video). What are your feelings on Kronwall's apparent impenetrable shield against supplemental discipline?


BOC: Thank you for your time, Mike. Good luck not getting embarrassed again tonight by Anaheim.


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Detroit Red Wings
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Friday, Mar 22, 2013, 7:00 PM PDT
Honda Center

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Gameday Prediction: Ducks take another win at home, 3-1, and Mike Babcock makes some dumb faces on the bench.