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Anaheim Ducks Gameday: Chatting with the Enemy

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JJ from Kansas of Winging it in Motown answers three questions for us

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Well, that last game didn't go so well, did it?

After the first matchup with Detroit in which Anaheim embarrassed Detroit on home ice 5-2, the Red Wings returned the favor handing Anaheim a 1-5 loss.

With a 22-4-4 record, it's pretty hard to get too bummed out about a loss here and there. It just stings a little because it's Detroit. Hopefully we can answer tonight.

Speaking of answering, the last couple of times that Anaheim and Detroit met up, I've been kind enough to answer some questions for J.J. from Kansas, editor of SB Nation's Wings blog Winging it in Motown, thereby sending tons of that tasty BOC traffic his way and putting something worth reading up on his site for once. Today J.J. is returning the favor, sitting down to answer a few questions for me.

Prior to Perry's contract extension with Anaheim, there was obviously a lot of speculation on where he would end up. It seems like Detroit was often brought up in this discussion. At the time, did you think the Wings would have aggressively pursued Perry had he hit Free Agency, and how did you feel about the possibility of him joining the team?

Knowing that the open market price for Perry might have climbed to $9M or so, I don't know if Detroit would have had enough space to pay those kind of prices while keeping a full roster (at least until they bough out Franzen), but they would have been in the conversation right up until Perry signed in Toronto. I was ready to accept Corey Perry on the Wings a lot more before the Zucker hit/suspension, but one way or another, I'd have made peace with paying that much to sign a guy who's a known dickbag. If Chelios, Hatcher, Bertuzzi, and Tootoo didn't make me stop liking the team, I don't think Perry would have. At least then Detroit would have had somebody to take over Holmstrom's role of running goalies.

Who, in your opinion, is the most obnoxious commenter on Winging it in Motown? It has to be a Red Wings fan, no cop outs.

I'm going to assume that saying "me" is also a cop-out? I'm guessing you'd probably like me to call out Red, White and a Mile High because last time we met, you two didn't get along and it was kinda more his fault. I'm not going to do that though because he's been around for a while and he's mostly only a jerk to non-Wings fans, which I'm more ok with. Instead, I'm going to call out a guy named Chadster, who hasn't been around for a few days because I kind of called him out. The guy argues for the sake of arguing and all of his points eventually boil down to worthless platitudes like "sometimes underdogs win!", which no shit took six replies and two days for him to finally drop the superfluous bullshit and stop wasting everybody's time by pretending that anybody was saying something different.

You spend a lot of time here on BoC. Given that probably the one thing fans of all three California teams can agree on is their dislike of the Wings, what initially drew you here, what keeps you here, and how do you put up with all of these assholes?

Like that angry ginger dude from the superhero movie about blue dongs (Watchmen?.... it's either Watchmen or Muppet Babies. I can never remember), it's more that all you assholes are locked in here with me than I am with all of you. I like BoC because it's a rare place where people who don't all like the same team can come together to talk shit without it devolving into constant dick-measuring contests. Whomever said that trolling BoC is like pissing into a lake of piss should be given a medal. Just about every SB Nation site has kind of a bar atmosphere going. BoC is a bar full of Tyler Durdens. Angry people can pop in and act like Lou the owner, but no matter how angrily they throw punches, you assholes just keep laughing at them until they either join in the laughter or fuck off. I like being an asshole, so I can overlook the fact that you all root for dumb teams because that's the only thing separating you from being my kind of people.

And there it is. We're a bar full of Tyler Durdens, pissing into a lake of piss.