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Los Angeles Kings Gameday: Argh

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Iginla getting traded (twice) ruined my post

"Give me your lunch money, bitch!"
"Give me your lunch money, bitch!"
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Yeah. Um, this is a little awkward. Third time is a charm for a blog post relating to the trad deadline, right?

4:15 PM: I got it! What if Lombardi is an idiot and DOES trade Toffoli for Iginla? What if scenarios, activate!

6:00 PM: Finish writing, start cooking dinner.

9:00 PM: Sit down with tall bourbon. Go over my stock and quarterly business ventures. Demand my slippers from Spade my butler.

10:24 PM: See Iginla got traded. Pray it wasn't to L.A.

10:26 PM: Find out it was to Boston. Frantically begin rewriting post for tomorrow.

10:45 PM: Iginla goes to Pittsburgh instead.

10:49 PM: Fuck it all. Pour another tall one, curse, look up Brooke Nevin again.

At least the Kings didn't trade Toffoli. But Jarome Iginla...At least he went to the east coast. Though the Northwest is even worse (somehow). In short, fuck you Iginila. Fuck you Feaster. And most of all, fuck you Aaron Ward. I'm pretty torn right now between


for spending so much wasted time on this post, and


Because this whole scenario was a great fuck up followed by fuck ups. So did Iginla veto the trade to Boston because he realized Calgary was getting insanely fleeced? Was that just 100% incorrect? Why didn't I think of a better topic? All good questions. Again, fuck you. I give up.

Next Game

Los Angeles Kings
@ St. Louis Blues

Thursday, Mar 28, 2013, 5:00 PM PDT
Scottrade Center

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Los Angeles Kings tickets traded for only a 5th round* draft pick! (*conditional pick that the Flames do something incredibly stupid, so a pretty safe bet)

The St. Louis Blues have the most appropriate team name in the NHL. They wear blue, and they are depressing as fuck to watch. Last time the Kings and Blues met up, it was suicide watch for St. Louis. Up 4-1 nearing the end of the second period, Slava Voynov scored to pull the Kings within two. Los Angeles would score four more times in the third, and win 6-4. It was pretty awesome. Currently, the Blues are right behind the Kings in the standings. Meanwhile, Los Angeles won a pretty crazy game in Chicago and aren't too far behind Anaheim. More importantly, the Kings are only 4 points ahead of ninth.

Prediction: President meet-and-greet hangover takes hold and the Kings come out sluggish. Mike Richards and Jeff Carter are probably actually hungover still after getting shit-housed with Joe Biden. Shootout loss? Sure.