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Anaheim Ducks Gameday: The Flames of Love

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Looking at the history of Flames @ Ducks, and Jer comes across an awful 80's song

Remember when Winnik couldn't NOT score goals for Anaheim? Photo credit
Remember when Winnik couldn't NOT score goals for Anaheim? Photo credit
Mike Ridewood

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At Wednesday night's game, I met the elusive Earl Sleek in person. We had a few drinks, laughed, and high fived as the Ducks handled the Coyotes 2-0. Oh, the fun we had! It sounds a little gay, but I assure you it wasn't.

The sex we had later that night, however, definitely was.

Anyway, the Ducks take on the Flames tonight for the second time this season. After nearly blowing a 3-0 lead last time, Anaheim walked away with a 5-4 victory. Hopefully the Ducks get a better handle on this game and can coast to a smoother victory.

Anaheim certainly has the historical advantage, with a 44-35-7-1 all time record against the franchise. But more impressively (and relevant, since this is a home game), the Ducks have a 28-9-6-0 record against the Flames when playing in the Honda Center. The last time the Flames beat the Ducks in Anaheim was April 25th, 2006 and there's been 14 games between the two clubs at Honda Center since that time (if you take out playoff games, their last win goes back to January 19th, 2004). Ouch.

But to move on to more pressing matters, here's an 80's song I found while "researching" the Flames - "Flames of Love" by the German Italo disco singer Fancy.

That's a pretty god awful song, and the Flames are a pretty god awful team.

Prediction: The Ducks extend their domination over Flames on home ice, winning 5-2. Daniel Winnik with a hat trick, somehow.