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Los Angeles Kings Gameday: Choose wisely

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"Fred FO-EVA". "Whateva slut. Andy rules"
"Fred FO-EVA". "Whateva slut. Andy rules"
Derek Leung

Next Game

Calgary Flames
@ Los Angeles Kings

Saturday, Mar 9, 2013, 7:00 PM PST
Staples Center

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I knew a girl that was on the ice crew. She never got me Los Angeles Kings tickets. Bitch.

As we close in on the halfway point of the season, I have grown aware of one thing: My former hockey teammates are far more entertaining than I am. This is pretty ironic because they all sucked ass pretty badly (most of them, you know who you are), while I was fucking awesome. Well, except my freshman year. I was pretty shitty then. But that was because I didn't know I needed glasses. Anyways, the time has come. A most difficult decision lies before you...


This post really has nothing to do with the Calgary Flames. Uh, let's see...Oh! Um, Jarome Iginla seems like a Fred guy.

...Okay, so not every post is going to be a winner. I guess I could have put the Dallas Stars in the poop sock. I also found out that my old high school had their soccer team get in big trouble for beating the younger players with bags full of poop. I really wonder what that sounds like.