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Circle of Jerks 3: Meg on Jer

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Will the circle be unbroken, By and by, by and by?

No games for the California teams today, so you know what that means. It's time for the three handsomest bloggers on SB Nation to gather together to read these stupid little interviews that Jer, Dunn, and I have done. So if you happen to know one of the three handsomest bloggers on SB Nation, please send them a link to this post.

For past installments of this award-deserving series, visit the blog section here.

The season is winding down now, and a lot has changed since Jer boldly predicted back in January that the Ducks would back into a playoff spot due to sheer dumb luck. I asked him a few questions to see how he's feeling now that we're nearing the end of this bizarre little demi-season.

Q1. Be totally honest, if you can: how much do the advanced stats on the Ducks concern you?

Jer: "I'm pretty concerned about what advanced stats tell us. The playoffs will bring out our flaws pretty quickly. But I'm also not willing to throw the towel in just because advanced stats are contradicting our current success. I'm fine holding on for the ride and if we get a deep run out of a team that the advanced stats say shouldn't have a deep run, I'm not going to complain.

Besides, just because they've been fairly accurate in the past doesn't mean they're flawless. SONA stats were accurate for a couple years but no one is hailing them as infallible the way the fancy stat crowd treats Fenwick."

Q2. What's your favorite team in the East, and why?

"I like the Flyers because I'm an asshole. I'm also a bit of a Panthers fan for the sake of a close friend of mine who comes from the area with strong ties to the team."

Q3. What has been the best part about writing for Battle of California? What has been the worst part?

"Best part? For a community whose main focus is to shit all over you and your team, it's a really fun and engaging place to be.The regulars don't get hypersensitive no matter what awful things you're saying about them, and the shittalk atmosphere is one of its biggest strengths. And when a non-regular somehow finds their way in but doesn't "get it," the results are usually disastrously hilarious. As immature as the premise is, it's a surprisingly smart and apt crowd for the most part. Just about any other hockey community is going to be stale and boring and not take kindly to you telling them that their favorite team is a bucket of shit from a city full of sex offenders.

The worst part is how mean people are to me."

Well there you have it, folks. Some pretty dumb answers from that stupid sack of crap, huh?

Jar sure is the worst.