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San Jose Sharks Gameday: Spade is bad at betting

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Checking on the status of the bet I made with a blog reader regarding Niemi vs. Hiller.

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mc chris
mc chris

On March 19th of last year, I wrote this post taking a look at the likely outcome of a bet I made with blog reader participant Spade. We bet whether Joe Thornton or Ryan Getzlaf would have more points in the regular season.

Joe Thornton finished last year with 77 points, while Getzlaf had 57. I won the bet easily, and Spade had to buy me this handsome t-shirt as my prize.

If Spade had decided to renew the exact same bet for this year, I would have agreed. And I probably would have lost. With only a handful of games left, Getzlaf has 43 points to Thornton's 36. So IF we had kept going with the same bet, I would have had to buy Spade a t-shirt.

But, of course, we didn't do that.

Our bet THIS season is about who will finish with a better GAA between Antti Niemi and Jonas Hiller.

How's that going?

2012 - Antti Niemi 36 2161 20 9 79 2.19 1020 941 .923 3

2012 - Jonas Hiller 23 1320 13 5 55 2.50 588 533 .906 1

Hahaha Spade you poor dumb bastard.

I guess I should feel a little guilty about this though. After all, I cleverly tricked a poor uninformed Ducks fan into changing the terms of the bet. I'm sure Spade would have liked to just bet Thornton vs. Getzlaf again, but somehow I talked him into foolishly accepting Niemi vs. Hiller instead.

Oh, wait, that's not what happened at all.


heres a question for me?

why does every shark fan think Niemi is a quality goaltender?…Griess also for that see when he started for germany? oye

sounds like a bet meg…whom has a better GAA hiller or nemi…? we on Megster another shirt?

This year's bet was entirely Spade's idea.

Man, this new t-shirt is going to be SWEET.

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"All morons hate it when you call them a moron."

My 8th-favorite book is The Catcher in the Rye. You've probably heard of it.

You guys remember how in my gameday post about the Red Wings last week I got a little wistful because they are leaving the West and we won't see them that much any more? And how, like, it was the end of an era, and even though they were opponents and I wanted to see them fail I always respected them as an incredible hockey organization?

Yeah, I don't feel like that about the Dallas Stars.

I'm thrilled that the Stars are being kicked out of the Pacific Division, and my only complaint is that they aren't moving to the East too. Or maybe we could just make a separate Texas conference just for them to play in all by themselves, so they won't contaminate other teams with the stench of cow shit and oil fields and racism.

The Sharks still have to play one more game against the god damn Stars this season, so I'll save my final goodbyes for that one.

Prediction: Jamie Benn runs out of a field of rye and Holden Caulfield lets him go right over the fucking cliff, because who cares. Sharks win 3-2.