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Anaheim Ducks Gameday: Advanced Calgary Stats

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The city of Calgary in depth

Mike Ridewood

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We know a lot about Calgary based on their Canadian SONA rating (ranked 5th, a middle of the pack number of sex offenders by Canadian standards), but SONA is just one piece of the puzzle when looking at stats.

Advanced stats are all the rage these days, so I thought I'd look beyond the more egregious crimes of sexual offenses in Clagray, and see what other crime stats tell us about the city. I've gathered all data from's "Crime Map."

Here's a table with incidents of crime from the past six months in Calgary.

Calgary Crime Table, Last 6 Months

Violation Quantity
Arson 66
Assault 1,898
Attempted Murder 1
Commercial Break-in 773
Homicide 9
Residential Break-in 966
Robbery 341
Sex Offence 174
Theft 4,932
Theft from Vehicle 3,518
Vandalism 2,591
Vehicle Theft 1,952
TOTAL 17,221
Notes and Analysis

So what does this table tell us? Here are some observations...

  • Calgarians are really good at theft. Theft alone is their highest crime category, with 4,932 incidents. But if we examine this more closely, there is so much theft in Calgary that they actually had to separate it into three different categories just to make their stats look better. There's general Theft, Theft from Vehicle, and Vehicle Theft. The distinctions are wholly unnecessary and completely self-serving. Add these three theft categories together and you have a total of 10,402 theft incidents. Theft makes up over 60% of all crime in Calgary. If you have valuable shit, stay away from Calgary.
  • I bet they're doing something sneaky with their reporting to slide a lot of their Theft incidents into the "Robbery" category to soften up their true Theft rate.
  • 1 Attempted Murder and 9 actual homicides? Calgarians are 90% effective at murder. Very impressive.
  • Break-ins are separated by Commercial and Residential, and apparently if you want to break in somewhere then a house is way cooler than a local business. Wait, why would you want to break in anywhere if not to steal shit? Is this another Theft/Robbery number-padding trick? This city needs to add another crime category for "Corruption."
  • Sex offenses are thankfully relatively low compared to other crimes in the city, but holy shit 174 sexual offenses in a 6 month period? Get your shit together Calgary. What is even more worrisome is that the other Canadian NHL cities are mostly worse according to Meg's above mentioned SONA rankings.
  • Incidents of vandalism are really high, probably because people are knocking shit off of shelves and smashing windows and junk as they raid your home, trying to find shit to thieve.
  • There's hardly any arson, so maybe they might want to rename the Flames to something else.
  • Calgary Thieves? I dunno, I'm just spitballing.
  • After the combined Theft categories and Vandalism, Assault is the next crime with the highest amount of incidents. I imagine this is because people are constantly trying to beat the shit out of the people who steal all of their possessions on a daily basis.

Now, I'm fairly new to advanced stats, so on top of what I've been able to gather here, there are probably a lot more observations to be made by those more experienced with these types of things. Feel free to comment on what you can gather from these raw numbers.

Gameday Prediction: The Flames steal a win from Anaheim.