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Los Angeles Kings Gameday: Fess Up

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Come on, admit it Minnesota

I'll admit I am jealous of that stache
I'll admit I am jealous of that stache
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Dustin Penner's road trip to Minnesota with Drew Doughty

Recently, something out of the ordinary happened. I mean of course that Michael Bay apologized for one of his movies. Yes, the director of Explosion! The Movie came clean and admitted that his film, Armageddon, was not very good. While this doesn't excuse him for The Island, Pearl Harbor, Bad Boys, and the Transformers series (The Rock was alright simply for Connery and Cage) it was a big step of acknowledging that maybe he isn't the greatest director. Even if it was a cop out response.

Either way, this got me thinking that maybe it isn't too late for Minnesota to realize they were being anal inhalers regarding being snubbed for an outdoor game. Last week it became very apparently clear that the state of a lot of lakes had a severe case of penis envy regarding California, specifically with L.A. It's understandable. Los Angeles took their basketball dynasty. Los Angeles got an outdoor hockey game before they did. Los Angeles has a rudimentary understanding of how a hockey rink works (that's why we got a game first). Most importantly, the Kings have more hockey fans than the Wild, and Facebook said that, so it must be true.

But Minnesota isn't a bad state. It's just cold and has the crazy Michelle Bachmann. Nothing more than bad luck that their winters get so cold you can't play hockey, while we enjoy our pleasant hockey-perfect evenings. For the most part, they are good people, at least the folks I knew from there. So it's okay to be jealous, guys. We will just take your apology right now...

See? Easy. Apology accepted! You guys are alright. Plus, you should really hate Dallas more for stealing your franchise, winning a Cup, and now being complete failures. And while you guys are apologizing, if you could cover the last lockout because of your moronic fuck-stick of an owner, we'd appreciate that also.

Next Game

Los Angeles Kings
@ Minnesota Wild

Tuesday, Apr 23, 2013, 5:00 PM PDT
Xcel Energy Center

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The Kings can't win the Pacific and can't drop below sixth. Home-ice would be nice I guess, though the main thing the Kings are playing for now is momentum and screwing up other teams. That has gone pretty well lately following wins over the Blue Jackets and Stars. Even via cheating, the Stars got hosed, giving the Kings a pretty good bump for their confidence as the season wraps up.

Prediction: Sorry, Minnesota. Kings win 3-2 with goals from Kopitar, Muzzin, and Penner (because of the clip).