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Correction from a Puck Daddy Commenter

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A Puck Daddy commenter sent me an e-mail because I misrepresented his views.

Drones gonna Drone.
Drones gonna Drone.

In December of last year, I published an article called "10 Terrible Puck Daddy Comments about President Obama." It came about after Puck Daddy featured a story with a few brief comments from the President on the NHL lockout, and the terrible terrible terrible people who comment on Puck Daddy stories voiced their opinions in the comments.

Today I received an e-mail from one of the commenters I made fun of in that post. He wants to clarify his views, which he says I misrepresented.

For reference, here is the relevant section of the original post:

#7 Barry Obama:

"Maybe he should focus on stop assassinating brown people and taking away our rights?"

This one surprised me a little, since I wasn't expecting to see any of these morons expressing concern over drone strikes. That's the first legitimate concern to show up in the comments - yet the point the commenter is trying to make is instantly and violently undercut by his use of the term "brown people." That is such a ridiculous and racist phrase that you almost never hear it used except when it's used by a non-racist mocking the racist views of other people - but that CAN'T be what's happening here, unless maybe this commenter thinks that Barack Obama hates "brown people"?

I'm confused. I'm having a very hard time picturing what type of person this "Barry Obama" is (aside from a lunatic asshole, I mean). Is this some sort of adamant pacifist/racist we're dealing with here?

And here is the commenter's response:

"Hello Megalodonboc,
I came across this piece that you complied, and I am the author of #7, regarding the drone strikes.

Since the comments are closed for this piece, I thought I would write to you to express my meaning behind this comment, which for some reason you interpreted to be racist in nature.

If you would like to add in my thoughts following your attack on my views, that would be the right thing to do, or if you don't then I am merely writing to you as one human to the next so that you understand what I was saying.

While you are correct that what I was addressing was outside of the scope of comprehension of the vast majority of PD readers/commentators, you didn't grasp my point.

While the US government is currently doing all that it can to enhance the use of UAVs over domestic skies, which of course is extremely troubling, heretofore the primary recipients of the consequences of their use have been "brown skinned" human beings who happen to live in countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and undoubtedly others that we are not privy to.

Aside from the drone strike issue, also implicated was the assassination of US citizens, specifically Anwar al-Awlaki and his son who had not yet reached the age of majority. There are many people on the so-called "left' and "right" who are extremely troubled by this assertion of executive power.

I can assure you that I am not a racist, although I might very well be an asshole, but at this point in time the victims of the DoD's and consequentially the Executive Branch's use of these killing machines have all indeed been brown skinned human beings.

Perhaps my tone regarding our infinitely wise overlord confused you into thinking that I also exhibit the aggression towards these people that our imperial government does, but I can assure you that I do not.

Again, you can make a correction to your piece if you would like, even though your misrepresentation of my views only affects the reputation of an anonymous online moniker, but just as another compassionate human being, I would suggest that you don't immediately jump towards a negative conclusion about another person's view just because he or she might not have voted for the same sock puppet that you did (and fuck no, I didn't vote for Willard of Crazy Eye McCain, or Silver Spoon Kerry for that matter).

Cheers my brother

I have only one response to this man's anger that I didn't take his well-thought-out political views posted in the PUCK DADDY COMMENTS more seriously:

If you bake a delicious chocolate lava cake and leave it on the floor of a men's restroom, don't be surprised if nobody wants to eat it.

Thank you for your e-mail.