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Circle of Jerks 4: Jer on Meg

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Because it's fun to do things together.

It's that time again where the writing crew here take a few moments to stop talking shit about Texas and how horrible its inhabitants are, and ask each other some questions. Here is the fourth installment of Circle of Jerks, and this time I'm circling back around to Mr. Meg to ask him a few question about the Sharks and his pitiful life.

1. Which team, of the teams that have clinched or are likely to clinch a playoff spot out West, would you most like the Sharks to meet up with in the first round (assuming you were not constrained by any current seeding or likely seeding)? How about the team you'd least like to see them meet up with?

If I could pick ANY West playoff team for the Sharks to play in the first round, the Red Wings are the obvious choice. They suck, and the Sharks have repeatedly proven they can beat the Wings in the playoffs. As far as teams the Sharks could actually play in the first round, the Ducks are the best option - and it looks like I just might get my wish!

The team I'd least like the Sharks to play is the Blackhawks, because Chicago would just roll right over the Sharks without slowing down.

2. You're obviously a reader. Everyone always says "the book is better than the movie," what is your exception to this rule?

"The Shining" is a better movie than book, because Stanley Kubrick is a better filmmaker than Stephen King is a writer.

3. Your employer Googles your name, finds your SBNation profile. They then go on to discover your connection to BoC and reads through some of your work. What type of explaining, justifying, and/or pleading do you have to do at this point?

I have an elaborate plan in place for this exact scenario. It involves bribes, a jet-pack, and faking my own death. I can't get into more detail at this time.

Well, at least his answers were coherent. Stupid, but coherent.