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Circle of Jerks 4: Dunn on Jer

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Which one of the finalists gets lubed, and who gets chaffed?

Can you spot the difference?
Can you spot the difference?

Whenever we get a day off from gameday posts we like to have the Circle of Jerks, because, as the name implies, it gives us a chance to sit around, perform the five-knuckle shuffle, and get off on how clever and witty we are. Unfortunately, we're not very good at it, and by the end we just feel unsatisfied and hollow. It's also a very degrading process, but we will do anything for you, the readers. So blah blah blah, Texas sucks, burritos and beer, pop culture mention, IT'S JERKIN' TIME: Playoff Edition! Find out who gets the best seeding!

1. So we all know the Ducks are going to get bounced in the first round, but between Detroit, Minnesota, Columbus, St. Louis, and San Jose, which one do you think the Ducks could sneak past?

I think the Wild are the safe choice here, as we were able to handle them pretty easily all season. We swept the series, and hopefully we'll do so again.

2. Who would you like to see make it to the Stanley Cup Finals from the Eastern Conference?

I've been so bad at paying attention to the weaker conference out East this season that I honestly have very little idea about that's going on out there. But since the Ducks are obviously going all the way out West, I'll say Ottawa out east so we can have a 2007 SCF reunion.

3. How soon do you think until Earl and Rudy come back and retake their old jobs at Meg's request?
I'm pretty sure they've already agreed, but Meg's letting us finish out the season before announcing it. He should be grateful though, the same year he brought us on is the same year all three CA teams make the post season (for only the 2nd time ever). This is very clearly related to our hirings.

Yep, definitely feeling unsatisfied and hollow inside. Where's the Kleenex?