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Anaheim Ducks Playoffs: Beard Preview

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Jer dicusses the most important key to the Ducks-Wings playoff series: His beard

Scott Niedermayer's playoff beard, 2007.
Scott Niedermayer's playoff beard, 2007.

It's playoff beard season, the time of year where everyone loses their mind and pretends some old dumb superstition matters. I've actually already got a pretty sweet beard going on, because I've been doing my best impression of Brent Burns lately on my way to becoming a smelly hippie.

There are birds nesting in there.

I've decided to just build on my current beard instead of starting anew, so hopefully I'll be looking like ZZ Top by the end of all of this.

There's no way Detroit can beat Anaheim when I've got a beard like this.

Anyone else joining in on this dumb tradition? Share your starting point.