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San Jose Sharks Gameday: A Brief History of Torres

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Taking a look at Raffi Torres's career highlights on YouTube and the comments he has inspired.

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Stephen Dunn

In case you missed it, on deadline day the San Jose Sharks acquired a player named Raffi Torres.

Raffi has a bit of a history. Let's take a quick trip through his career highlights, accompanied by some of the best YouTube comments that accompany each clip.

ever since torres joined the canucks he became a dirty cheapshot artist.

Guess thats what happens when you put on that ugly jersey. Still montreal is a shit team and province so i approve of this hit.

YES BARELY MADE THE PLAYOFFS.And for your info I WAS INFANTRY 0311 look it up dick bag 1st Batt 6th Marines THE TOUGHEST MOST DECORATED UNIT IN THE US ARMED FORCES your a pussy who has never been in a real fight and has to lift heavy things to TRY to feel manly.How did the Bruins get lucky?The Habs CHOKED idiot!!!!


yeah but he didn't go for the puck he went for the player well after, and plus torres is a cunt that nobody fucking likes, 25 games is bullshit he doesn't belong in the NHL

He is simply the dirtiest player currently playing in the league! After his most recent incident he should be banned from the NHL! ... you faggot, bitch nigger!!

Oh yea? Just see his dirty fucking hit on Hossa? Torres can go to hell and get double penetrated in the asshole by two demons.

Torres is a beast and hitting like a fucking bitch.


If BOLLIG played that game he would've taken care of that Turdcunt so well. FAGGOTS!


your literally fucking retarded. How in what way is that a clean hit?

Cannot believe my Sharks just traded for this piece of shit...

you're a fucking pussy bitchy teams dont win the stanley cup dumb ass

Wow. Some terrible, unforgivable stuff here. Especially that last video. Who the hell thinks it's okay to encourage kids to wake up multiple times during the night to brush their teeth? Are you trying to raise a generation of obsessive-compulsive insomniacs, Raffi?

So what have we learned from this exploration of Raffi's history on YouTube?

We've learned that Raffi Torres might be a bad, bad man, but he's still way better than YouTube commenters.

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The Sharks keep rolling right along. They're playing their best hockey of the year (yes, better than their ridiculous season-opening run) and seem to be pulling everything together as they head into the final quarter of the season.

Optimism. It feels good.

Today's book is The Science of Good and Evil, by Michael Shermer. It's one of my favorite non-fiction books ever, and I think it's essential reading for any person who doesn't consider themselves religious. Reading it will ensure that you are 100% prepared to answer the question "Where does morality come from, if not God?

In brief, The Science of Good and Evil examines general moral principles that all human societies tend to share, and examines the evolutionary origins of those moral impulses. I haven't read it in a while, though, so I'm not sure how it would explain Raffi Torres.

Prediction: Raffi Torres doesn't do anything terrible....yet. Sharks win 3-1.