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Los Angeles Kings Gameday: Senior Moment

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Dat der rink is differt sizes der

Applesauce? Where?
Applesauce? Where?
Dilip Vishwanat

As one gets older it is pretty easy to start picking up on little everyday differences and quirks. It's also pretty understandable that sometimes these perceived differences and quirks are almost inconsequential to everyone. Then there are instances where you get old enough to where the perceived differences and quirks don't actually exist. They only exist because your feeble old brain is convinced that there has to be something to explain why A is now acting like B, even though A should still be A.


The point I am trying to make is that Ken Hitchcock is old and losing it, while I am young and not nearly as close to (natural) death.

Ol' H-Cock brought up a while back that the rink at STAPLES Center is "way smaller" blah blah blah "corners are rounder" blah blah blah "my grand-kids never visit me". It was in response when discussing the Blues fun collapse in Los Angeles during the regular season, right before game three. Of course then the Blues would lose the next two in L.A. getting shutout, then coughing up the lead in the third period on the Kings' smaller ice again. Now St. Louis has lost three straight and need to win to keep their Jew-hating selves around for a while longer. And here they are playing on the tiny puddle at STAPLES. Here's some other things H-Cock thinks are against he and his team:

  • That damn Drew Doughty kid skateboarding all night keeping him up
  • The cleaning ladies in the hotel are stealing game plans from him
  • What the hell happened to Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes?
  • Reporters start to grow restless and try to leave when he starts telling a really important story from 1973
  • The Denny's near his hotel in L.A. doesn't offer an Early Bird Special
  • Obama's a Nigerian socialist that wants the west coast liberals to win
  • Still no offer to act as spokesman for Viagra despite blue-centric team
  • Medicare hasn't come in yet for Jamie Langenbrunner


    Next Game

    St. Louis Blues
    @ Los Angeles Kings

    Friday, May 10, 2013, 7:00 PM PDT
    STAPLES Center

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    Los Angeles Kings Tickets!

    The Kings stole that last game in what was a travesty in the making since games one and two. They had come close in those past two, but actually pulled it off this time. Also, Blues fans are surprisingly okay with me repeatedly saying they hate Jewish people and are like Hitler. I give up. They must just hate Latinos.

    Prediction: There is no prediction. Fuck you.