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The only two teams in California face-off in round two!

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The Battle of California is on!

California hockey.
California hockey.

The Los Angeles Kings and the San Jose Sharks, the only two teams in the state of California, will play against each other in the Western Conference Semi-Finals.

The Sharks swept the Vancouver Canucks to advance to the second round, while the Kings beat the St. Louis Blues in six games. The two teams had to wait until the Detroit Red Wings defeated their opponent in game seven on Sunday before the second-round match-ups were finalized.

The Kings and Sharks have met once before in the playoffs, two years ago. The Sharks won that series in six games.

Regardless of how this series turns out, California will send a team to the Western Conference Finals for the sixth time in the past eight seasons. That's an impressive run for the Golden State, and a testament to the quality of California's only two hockey teams: the Los Angeles Kings and the San Jose Sharks.