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San Jose Sharks Gameday: 5 ways the Sharks can beat Jonathan Quick

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Quick is good, but he isn't without his weaknesses. Here are 5 ways the Sharks can definitely beat him.

How hard can it be?
How hard can it be?
Jeff Gross

The San Jose Sharks had plenty of shots on goal and scoring chances in game one against the Los Angeles Kings, but LA goalie Jonathan Quick put on a solid performance and shut the Sharks out. Now I don't claim to be the greatest hockey expert in the world but I'm pretty sure that the Sharks are going to need score at least four goals if they want to win this series. With that in mind, I've put together some recommendations for ways the Sharks can start beating Quick.

Five ways the Sharks can beat Jonathan Quick

#5 With one hand

Jonathan Quick is exactly the kind of asshole who WOULD hassle a one-armed dude while he just wants to eat his chili.

#4 Gruesomely

If the dudes in this clip were hockey players in the playoffs they would be described as being "a little banged-up" and would be day-to-day.

#3 Surprise him in his apartment

The Comedian isn't actually a great stand-in for Quick. He's a lot more similar to Drew Doughty.

#2 Use baseball bats

The downside of this method is that it will involve beating up Quick's brother too, but hey - it's the playoffs. Sacrifices must be made.

#1 Just take the puck from him


Seriously guys. It's not that hard.

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Here are the main positive and negative takeaways from game one for the Sharks:



  • The team didn't look rusty after their extended break.
  • The Kings were limited to 20 shots on goal.
  • The Sharks got the better of some key player vs. player match-ups. Especially the battle between Raffi Torres and Jarret Stoll.
  • The Sharks lost the game.
  • Scott Hannan and Brad Stuart are on the team and play together and this is horrible and must be stopped.
  • Raffi Torres chopped off Jarret Stoll's head and took a big dump in it RIGHT THERE ON THE ICE!

Prediction: The Sharks mix their lines around and Tommy Wingels ends up playing with Joe Thornton. Wingels scores twice, and the Sharks win 2-1.