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Request from a Reader

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The one in which Jer reads his email.

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Time to check the ol' male sack...

From: kid ish
Date: Tue, May 21, 2013 at 7:52 AM

hey man you should win all the bloggernets by writing a collective 'hate red wings fans' post. grab a bunch of tweets like you do, all the shitty things they say (like cussing out reporters who say they were gifted calls) even when they win. because all the california fans hate those bandwagon bastard assholes who I bet totally never shower or get laid and don't take care of their pets either yeah fuck them! my idea will win you awards and bitcoins, you know it.


People miss my presence on this blog so much that they're now emailing me suggestions in hopes of persuading me to return. It make sense; I've read some of the bullshit the other guys wrote while I was away. It wasn't very good.

So, being the crowd-pleaser I've always been, I have heard your plea, gentle readers, and I have returned. Sure, even though the first round is over and I don't have any interest in writing about the Red Wings anymore, I'll do it for kid ish. No matter how little I care to write about them, Red Wings fans will never stop being horrible people. And if that's what the people want, that's what the people will get.

Though it's a little upsetting that, according to you readers, apparently "what I do" is just collect tweets. And sure, that's a great way to build a blogging career, but that's certainly not all I do around here. To prove this to you, I thought I'd do something brand new. Fresh and exciting! I won't just collect the dumb things people say on Twitter and serve them to you in order to avoid doing any real work, not today.

Today, I decided to just collect the dumb things people say on Tumblr and serve them to you in order to avoid doing any real work!

...But as it turns out, only prepubescent girls use Tumblr, and so there is actually very little talk of Red Wings hockey there. Please accept this lonely diamond I found in the Tumblr rough, one of the most cringeworthy things you'll see all week, as my humble apology for not having the stomach to continue to scroll through the bowels of the Tumblosphere:

Kid ish, you can send the promised Bitcoins to 1HzY53oDaKfTuxNMSmFA3jbFM5qqxfvGqz

Your financial support is appreciated.