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Dallas Stars and Carolina Hurricanes Set to Release New Uniforms

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Here's what they should look like.

Both the Dallas Stars and the Carolina Hurricanes have announced that they will be unveiling new jerseys as of June 4th. While there may have been some leaks, many of us are excited to see the final design.

If you recall back to March 27th, when the Ducks and the Sharks last met, Mr. Meg and I each redesigned the jersey of the opposing team (Meg's Ducks jersey can be found here, my Sharks jersey can be found below and the original post here). My redesigned Sharks jersey was so beloved by all, that I thought I'd try my hand at the 'Canes and Stars jerseys as well.

As a refresher, here's the original Sharks jersey I did back in March:

San Jose
(The much more appealing but certainly NSFW version can be found here)

Notice the cow print to honor the Shark's original home at the Cow Palace, and the puckered asshole crest to represent their fan base. Using similar themes, let's take a look at what Dallas's or Carolina's new jerseys might look like.


If we update the Sharks template to account for the Stars' color scheme, very little has to be changed. For example, the cow print is still relevant, because one time I heard that only steers and something or other come out of Texas.


The crest remains, of course, as Dallas Stars fans are certainly assholes. Easy enough. Moving along...


We have to get a little more creative with Carolina. After adjusting for their color scheme, we have to decide what to do about the cow print.


I've never been in a hurricane because I live in a superior state which skips all of the seasons with shitty storms, but I imagine hurricanes probably have a lot of clouds or something. Therefore the cow print simply becomes storm clouds. The crest remains as Hurricanes fans are probably assholes, but I've honestly never met one.

I hope you have enjoyed these mockups that I clearly spent a whole lot of time on. On Tuesday when the real jerseys are released, hopefully we see that some of my ideas have been incorporated.