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Anaheim Ducks Gameday: Red Wings Fans Are Really, Really Dumb

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In preparation of Game 4, we take a look at the moronic response from Red Wings fans to the Justin Abdelkader suspension.

Justin Abdelkader after charging in to take a leaping head shot on Toni Lydman. Photo credit
Justin Abdelkader after charging in to take a leaping head shot on Toni Lydman. Photo credit
Kirk Irwin

Red Wings fans can be blithering, entitled idiots.

Because they're so used to officials' calls and supplemental discipline going their way, even when something so extreme happens that the league is forced to address it and hand Detroit its just deserts, they whine and cry about how the Wings are above the rules and shouldn't be subjected to the same penalties and regulations as the players on other teams.

The latest example of this is the response to Justin Abdelkader. While fans of teams from the rest of the league watched and cringed at the textbook dirty hit thrown by Abdelkader, in which he attempts to take off Toni Lydman's head, Wings fans cheered like cavemen, got indignant when the officials were forced to kicked him out of the game for his behavior, and then lost their collective shit when a deserved and expected suspension was handed to him yesterday from the Department of Player Safety.

So dumb are Wings fans, that most of them are insisting this is a "clean" hit. This means they are not aware that head shots have been a primary focus of the league these past few years, nor are they aware that charging has essentially never been allowed in the league. For "Hockeytown," you'd think they'd understand the basic rules of the sport. Nope.

Here are some Twitter responses from these intellectuals...

Okay, you get the point. These idiots are completely oblivious. That last one even thinks that Abdelkader shouldn't have been suspended because the head of Player Safety was a Wing and therefore should be giving his former team special treatment. This is the actual mentality of many Detroit fans. Hockeytown, indeed.

There were some Wings fans in there who weren't complete idiots. They were reasonable people. Here, take a look:

Alright, that last one is in there just because someone said I was right about something.

On an unrelated note, remember when I said that Jimmy Howard is a goon?Fuperry_medium

Clearly I've been vindicated.

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Gameday Predcition: Kronwall takes out a bowie knife and stabs Saku Koivu in the throat, killing him instantly. Red Wings fans can't believe that this earns him a 2 minute roughing penalty.