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Jonathan Daniel

And just like that the Los Angeles Kings have won back to back Stanley Cups. Who knew? Well, now I can enjoy my summer finally with a big banner, and-


They didn't win?

Well, fuck. Turns out the entire top line was held together with duct tape, while Mike Richards and Jarret Stoll were probably playing with concussions. Jeff Carter barely has a face left. Drew Doughty was hurt also? These sound like good excuses to fall back on.

In all seriousness, the news that half of the roster was beat to hell was far from being a revelation. Here now are some gifs (jiffs?) that always make me feel better.




I really hope this guy stays as mayor. It was a pretty good season. The Kings made the conference finals, beat the Sharks, and finished higher than seventh for the first time in something like thirteen years. However, it was also the first time they lost in less than six games in thirteen years also. Still, they made it interesting. Until the draft, I'll be huffing paint.