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Why do other players call Jason Demers "Daddy"?

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A question that demands an answer.

Jason "Daddy" Demers
Jason "Daddy" Demers

If you follow any of the San Jose Sharks players who are active on Twitter, you've probably seen something like this:

Logan Couture, Brent Burns, TJ Galiardi, and others all have a habit of referring to Jason Demers with the nickname "Daddy."

Obviously, this is very strange, and it has bothered me since I first noticed it was a thing.

Recently, I decided to try and get to the bottom of the Daddy mystery:

Back in May I started to pester Demers and other folks on Twitter, repeatedly asking them to explain the nickname:

And then, finally, I got my answer.

So now you know why Jason Demers is called "Daddy."